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I have always loved fashion and jewelry.  After retiring in 2004 from a successful career in the Canadian federal government, I switched gears from a world constrained by rules and incredible stress to one of freedom, creativity and joy.

Working with quality materials, I am inspired both by the rawness of semi-precious stone nuggets and imperfectly shaped pearls, and beautifully faceted and flawless semi-precious stones and crystal or near flawless stick and coin pearls. When at a bead shop or gem show, I enter into a state of euphoria.  When I discover new stones with amazing colour or shape, I imagine the possibilities and can’t wait to get creating.

Since I began creating jewelry, my design aesthetic has definitely evolved from the safe – symmetrical to asymmetrical designs, with an unexpected element. I draw inspiration from the size, colour, shape and texture, from nature, from my heart.  My designs cover a broad spectrum from one of a kind statement pieces using semi-precious stones and pearls to limited edition quality silver-plated chains in large scale links and shapes. Like my personality, my jewelry is multi-dimensional.

A few years ago, after successful private shows, the world of retail beckoned.  A firm believer in the “going big or going home” philosophy at this time in my life, I approached the top women’s boutique chain in Ottawa – Shepherd’s Fashions and have been there since 2013 – still going strong.  Grateful that my design aesthetic resonates with women of all ages, I am very fortunate to have a fabulous mentor and a very strong following beyond Ottawa and in the United States.

I am very grateful for my creativity and second career in my late 60’s.  My passion for jewelry design is a gift that keeps on giving. I donate jewelry to numerous fundraisers each year. I love the wonderful women I meet, their reactions to my pieces and how they feel. As a jewelry designer for almost 14 years, having created hundreds of designs, I still get inspired. Not stopping any time soon.  Passion and creativity have no age limit.

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I am committed to providing quality jewelry and excellent service to all of my clients.  I welcome feedback.  If there is something that I can do better or make your experience even more enjoyable, please email me at jewelrybyfrangreen@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest and support. Have fun shopping!

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Available as PDF: Style Article 2016

Quote: “I design for sophisticated, confident women who know their style.”

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